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Turquoise Publication an associate partner of Into Legal World is a platform to share your knowledge to the world.

We have a special focus on law books that meet the needs of students and help them develop a functional appreciation of application of law. We pride ourselves in our constant efforts to explore new important topics, and to update and improve our present work in its content, presentation and relevancy.

We also offer legal works for the layperson, to enable better understanding of the law, procedures and applications. These books, penned by experts in a simple-yet-comprehensive manner, are a significant value-addition for people from non-legal backgrounds. We are actively working to expand this range.

Our consistency in content, quality for value as well commitment to constant improvement, has helped create faith, admiration and loyalty from law students, practitioners and academicians.

Books are source of knowledge and wisdom since ancient times, and we are proud to be in the noble profession of publishing books. We continuously update our books so that we make latest information available to law students and academicians. Our books are according to the syllabus of the most renowned universities and are accepted all over the country. The firm regularly participates in seminars, book fairs (Indian and International), student conferences and annual days, and it also takes feedback of students and academicians for improvement in quality of books and understand their needs.

Also, to encourage the new writers, we actively sponsor Law Events and offer, guide and motivate the winners of the competition to publish their book with us at no cost.

We also offer self-publishing services to the new author for publishing their books at the lowest cost possible so that legal knowledge shall have no boundaries.

But the law itself shall not be limitation for the writers. We publish novels, poetry, stories under Turquoise Publication.

Our strength

Best quality at reasonable prices

Modern infrastructure for quality products

Continuous research & development for constant updation

Expert authorship

Countrywide availability