राष्ट्रिय कर्तव्य एवं उच्च शिक्षा- National Duties and Higher Education

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Today, India’s 70million student Population is force to reckon with, among them are potential thoughts leaders, reaserchers and academicians, positioned at the helm of knowledge. India, eventually has emerged as a hub of education and attracts globals learnes. This provides a large platform to reform the education system of the country and at the same time inculcate the idea of nationalism among this student force, To educate, means to educate citizen in every aspect and most impotantly about this country, for along with the rights of an indivisual also comes his duties, duties toward thenation and fellow citizen. as hohfeld has every aptly remarked that every rights has a correspondence duty to it. Thus, apart from our duties, guaranteed to us under the constitution, we also need to remember our nation duties that each one of us have toward our nation.

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