Amaresh Patel is a Founder and Managing Director at Into Legal World and EduCuriosity. Into Legal World, a trademark of Parivritt Enterprises Pvt Ltd, has established it's reputation in Legal News Portal, Institute, Publication House and a law firm under name of Sui Juris Law Firm. The company has also received monetary award under Startup Uttar Pradesh program.
After the success of Into Legal World, he is also venturing into a new company named EduCuriosity for bridging up the gaps between academic learning and the skills required for being a professional.
He is also author of 4 law books, 3 of which has been Bestsellers, namely 100 Landmark Judgments of the Year Series. His newly launched book named 100 landmark judgement 2020-21 is a foreword by Prof. Balraj Chauhan, VC, DNLU.

His idea of writing this book, namely, “100 Landmark Judgment 2021” is to help law students, advocates, teachers, professionals, and judicial officers to find landmark judgment pronounced by Supreme Court which has changed the law or has capacity to change the law. He believes that law is an ever changing subject and to understand it, one has to be updated, and there is nothing best to update oneself in law than going through important judgments of Supreme Court and High Courts.
He has been chief editor at Into Legal World Magazine and editor at Turquoise Publication.

The books published by Mr. Amaresh Patel are

   100 Landmark Judgments 2018-19
   100 Landmark Judgments 2019-20
   100 Landmark Judgments 2020-21
   100 Years of 100 Landmark Judgments in Criminal Law
   100 Years of 100 Landmark Judgments in Constitutional Law